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  1. Start up Services
    Does your startup or small business need help on a task or project basis?  Our expertise spans a wide range of activities in the business & financial consulting space.  We can help with detailed budgeting & forecasting, metrics and identify key performance indicators for a detailed financial analysis.  In addition, we provide in-house training services for bookkeepers and accountants alike.
  2. Tax Preparation & Planning
    We can help you proactively manage both your personal and your business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities impact your tax status and vice versa. Not all tax planning opportunities are readily apparent. We understand how the latest federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments affect you and your business and we are constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state or local tax liabilities.
  3. Notary Public
    A notary public can help you to handle various business matters, including witnessing and authenticating document execution and signatures. We offer Notary Public services and are available when you need us.
  4. IRS Representation
    An IRS audit can be an intimidating and complex process. If you or your business face an IRS audit, we can bring to bear years of experience in dealing with tax matters and IRS audit procedures to ensure that you are properly represented when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities.
  5. QuickBooks Services
    Once QuickBooks is set up and working properly, we can train you or your employees to properly operate QuickBooks specifically for your business. Why choose one-on-one attention instead of taking a class? -We come to your location. -We focus on the individual issues facing -your business. -We will be there to answer your specific questions and concerns. -No need to spend time on features that don't impact your business!
  6. Bookkeeping & Payroll
    For many business owners' payroll can be an overwhelming, let us help you. Spend your time building your business — and your profits; let us handle your bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and report filing. Revenue Verticals & Expansion At Bryce Tax and Accounting, we will make sure your payroll taxes and employees are paid on time. We'll remove the pressure of payroll preparation and deadlines.
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Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, or a multi-million dollar corporation, we will work hard to service and tailor your needs.

We are here to deliver quality, friendly, affordable bookkeeping, state and federal tax services. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term business relationships with our clients. Thus, client satisfaction is our main priority

​Bryce Tax & Accounting understands that bookkeeping and taxes are complicated areas, so let us be your guide. Our approachable staff can help you with payroll, bookkeeping, sales tax compliance, state and federal tax services,  IRS letters or examinations and so much more! 
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